From safe ladder usage to stringent scaffolding regulation, health and safety has come a long way. But while we are well-aware of the physical dangers present in a workplace, what about hazards that are harder to see?

The quality of air and presence of contaminants is a serious concern for many Kiwi businesses. Luckily, awareness around the value of a healthy and hazard-free work environment is on the rise. Here’s why occupational testing is becoming the new workplace safety standard in Auckland, Tauranga, and across New Zealand.

It protects workers from hazardous substances

Occupational hygiene testing can identify the presence of hazardous substances in the workplace, such as chemicals, dust, asbestos, biological agents, and fumes. By knowing what substances are present and in what quantities, you can take the steps needed to reduce harmful chemicals and avoid exposure.

Occupational hygiene testing improves air quality

Poor indoor air quality can cause a host of health problems. It can aggravate asthma and irritate skin. It can cause headaches and fatigue. At its worst, it can lead to severe respiratory issues. Not only is a workplace with poor air quality harmful, but its consequences can lead to lower productivity.

Occupational hygiene testing can assess the air quality within a workplace. It can identify contaminants and allergens, and offer recommendations around ways to improve the quality of the air.

Help with obtaining council consents

It can be tricky for businesses to understand the process of applying for consents related to air quality and environmental hazards. Whether you are in Auckland, Tauranga, or elsewhere in New Zealand, occupational hygiene testing can guide you through certain consenting processes, such as air discharge consents, and help you implement an environmental management plan and prepare the necessary documents needed for your application.

Implement monitoring systems

Identifying hazardous materials and poor indoor air quality is the first part of occupational hygiene testing – we are equally committed to helping you make sure your air quality stays up to scratch in the long term.

That’s why we help businesses across New Zealand develop and implement ongoing monitoring systems around their occupational hygiene. From air quality to asbestos, we want to give you confidence that your business will remain healthy and hazard free.

Keep up with the current workplace safety standards

Occupational hygiene testing is an important part of keeping your workers healthy and safe. For occupational hygiene testing in Auckland, Tauranga, and across New Zealand, speak to Air Matters today.