Noise Testing and Monitoring Services

Air Matters is a leading provider of noise testing and monitoring services throughout New Zealand, specialising in both preliminary and detailed assessments in accordance with the nation’s strict standards. Our team of skilled assessors is well-versed in comparing measured data from our noise testing procedures with the threshold limits established by WorkSafe New Zealand and the Health and Safety Regulations 1995. As a result, we can ensure that your workplace maintains compliance with these important regulations.

With a focus on improving the working environment, we offer valuable recommendations centred around basic engineering controls, appropriate hearing protection selection, and ongoing monitoring requirements. Our comprehensive noise testing and monitoring services are available to clients in Auckland, Tauranga, and across New Zealand, delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each business.

Noise Testing and Monitoring specialty areas
  • Personal Noise Dose Testing: We conduct precise assessments of individual noise exposure levels to ensure that employees are protected from potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to excessive noise.
  • General factory and machine noise: Our team of experts evaluates factory and machinery noise levels, helping businesses identify areas of concern and implement effective noise reduction strategies to improve the overall working environment.
  • Environmental boundary noise: We assess noise emissions at the boundaries of industrial and commercial facilities, ensuring that they comply with environmental regulations and do not adversely impact surrounding communities.

At Air Matters, we take pride in our commitment to delivering accurate, reliable, and efficient noise testing and monitoring solutions that promote a healthier and safer working environment for all. Our dedication to client satisfaction and our extensive knowledge of the industry standards make us the go-to choice for your noise testing and monitoring needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive noise testing and monitoring services and discover how we can help you create a better, safer, and more compliant workplace environment.

Air Matters has provided its workplace noise testing and monitoring services to businesses and organisations within a wide range of industries in the area of exposure assessments, including food industries, warehouses, manufacturing and waste management.

Some of our recent clients
  • Office Max (NZ) Ltd
  • Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing
  • Mulfords Engineering
  • Jenkin Timber
  • DB Breweries
  • KiwiRail