It’s an uncertain time for everyone. We are thinking of you.

We can’t be onsite with you during this time, but as Occupational Hygienists we can provide resources, information and tools to advise and assist management, especially those looking after essential workers, to protect staff in the time of a pandemic.

With the situation continually changing, the Ministry of Health is releasing guidelines for industry to ensure that any risk to staff remains low. We are also keeping up to date with Covid-related science-based research and recommendations from around the world. Our experience will be useful to those industries who are working through this lockdown period. We are working from home but can help with:

  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Recommending and reviewing controls (including PPE)
  • Reviewing procedures

For those companies with staff working from home, we cannot stress enough that these people need to be set up correctly to prevent any injury, either now or long term. A simple ergonomic assessment can help to identify potential problems and correct them before injury can occur. Our ergonomics team can assist remotely.

Get in touch if we can help in any way.

Keep it real, keep it safe and keep it locked down.