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New Health and Safety at Work Act and Regulations

Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2016
The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (Act) has now come into force. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has a series of supporting Regulations that will provide specific directions across a range of areas. These were released on 18 February 2016 and came into force on 4 April 2016, the same date as the Act.

Overview of the new Regulations
The new Regulations are available here in full. Some of the regulations are more applicable to occupational hygiene. The two sets of regulations that are specific to the work we do at Air Matters include the following:

1. Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016
These Regulations impose duties on persons conducting business or undertaking (PCBU) when identifying and managing risks and monitoring workplaces, including the maintenance of facilities, emergency plans, and monitoring health and exposures in the workplace.

2. Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016
These Regulations prohibit any work involving asbestos, except where expressly allowed through regulated processes. They require PCBUs to monitor, identify and manage asbestos risks, and ensure asbestos is removed through proper, controlled processes. There are rules on the licensing of asbestos removalists and assessors, with different licensing criteria for various classes of asbestos risk.

Contact us if you would like to discuss any implications for your company that have arisen as a result of these new regulations. We will be happy to help.

Air quality strategy day

The Air Matters team got together in February to discuss our air quality strategy and occupational hygiene goals for 2016. We also indulged in a spot of caving in Mt Eden.


Air Matters team ready for caving

The Air Matters team ready to explore the caves in Mt Eden. From left, Kreepa, Amber, Helen, Garry, Nick, Rob and Carol.

Air Matters team caving

Some of the Air Matters team deep inside a Mt Eden cave. From left, Nick, Amber, Kreepa and Helen.

Air Matters has purchased an ozone monitor

Air Matters has recently purchased an ozone monitor. This is especially useful for measuring low levels of ozone in workplaces or in ambient air. The monitor reads in real time and data logs to help relate peaks to various activities.

Ozone can have serious effects on lungs and is produced in welding, plasma cutting, corona discharges, some laundry applications etc. Let us know if you would like to discuss any aspects of ozone health effects or monitoring.

Air Matters’ staff training – occupational hygiene testing, noise testing

Air Matters UK Training 2015

Rob recently attended an occupational hygiene course in the United Kingdom that focused on the effects of heat stress on workers. Ways to manage and control heat stress was an important part of the course.

If you have any queries about the effects of heat stress on workers, especially with the summer coming up, please give us a call.


Self Rescue Breathing Apparatus

Other staff members have attended a week-long course in noise assessment; and most of the team visited Mines Rescue in Huntly, where they completed a course in the use of Self Rescue Breathing Apparatus.

Air Matters Moves to New Premises

Air Matters New Premises

Air Matters staff Rob, Carol and Nick outside new premises on Mt Eden Road.

New Premises

After 10 years operating out of our Khyber Pass site, the Air Matters Auckland office and lab has moved to bigger premises at 587B Mt Eden Road.

It is an opportune time to stop and reflect on the last 10 years. Air Matters has grown, and there has also been a shift in the awareness of the community and business towards improvement in air quality, occupational exposure, and the environment in general as it relates to the health of workers and to the wider public.

The field of air quality and occupational hygiene continues to be an enjoyable and satisfying journey, and everyone at Air Matters look forward to working with our clients and offering great service for the next 10 years! Thanks to our many wonderful clients for your ongoing support and thanks to our dedicated staff for their enthusiasm and commitment.

New Staff

We would like to welcome Amber Tognazzo to Air Matters. She will be a great addition to the team while Helen and Kreepa are on maternity leave.